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May 17th start 16:00 & 18th vanaf 13:00, 2019 - Huize Ivicke Rust en Vreugdlaan 2, Wassenaar - Flyers:1, 2, 3

A benefit festival in support of legal costs for WH7 Amsterdam, AC Den Haag, and K19 Zeist in corporation with ]LAG( and ADM ||PLATTEGROND RECORDS|| Friekens brouwerij


  • Istari Lasterfahrer
  • jungle, hardcore, breakcore, gabba

  • Atamator
  • experimental / industrial / arythmic and rythmic

  • Dj Amazing
  • marthazmk aka Sparkle
  • Trankilo
  • Baglover
  • BAGLOVER is a duo hailing from The Hague performing noise and industrial, using analog synths, field recordings, contact mics, with vocals sung in Dutch, French, German and English. As DJ's Baglover play with experimental and industrial sounds and other disparate electronics. We partake in a monthly radio show at TONKA as part of the North Sea Wolf Pack, a collective of womyn and feminist producers and DJs based in The Hague and surroundings.
  • Funkie 010
  • Dj Power VS Power
  • Dj Power vs Power based in Amsterdam, has been involved with independent radio stations and underground culture since 1995. Performer, founder of label Power vs Power records - she is always enthusiastic about new projects & directions.
    "We are all one" Nikola Tesla.

  • No.28
  • No28 is a french Dj based in Amsterdam since 2008. From raves, teknivals to underground venues and festivals, he has been playing across Europe. Dark, atmospheric and industrial selection, No28 has definitly taken the path of hard electronic music. Member of Power vs Power Records.

  • Skøre
  • Modular Live Set - Wotwot & Istari lasterfahrer
  • Black Sea Crime Complex
  • Drmr
  • Dj Cacapoo
  • Diversity On Demand
  • Cloundnbass
  • DJ joostvb
    De omgevallen platenkast: Cumbia, Country, Techno, prehistoric jazz, Rembetica,Krautrock, Grindcore, J.S. Bach, Funaná and Batuque from Cape Verde, Straight Edge, Delta Blues, ...

    Stella Richman
    restless bacteria
    DJ Dutty
    Grime,hiphop and a bit of jungle, innit

  • Vogel & Stofzuiger
    Chang Es Haper
    Boris Scorpio


  • Puik
  • Esaese


  • lik de kikker (noise)
  • Powerthrash from the lowlands.

  • KUTWYV basically; a rabid power-slut, foaming out noise- through every cavity! Spectacular portion of visual violence! Cause it's not silence, but violence that is sexy!
    On site KUTWYV fishes around the general waste to assemble a formation of trash // an installation of re-invented garbage //afdankertjes found on site, combined with the bright-colored junk that noise hooligan drags everywhere! Always!

  • Lifeless Past
  • postpunk/new wave

  • Flippin Bitches
  • Cheesy Jazz classix

  • No Disguise
  • uptempo, energetic music with a punk attitude

  • Zibabu
  • Circus Dirkus
  • Kielzog
  • The Dolly Adlers
  • A loud, riot grrrl, fuck-wave, female-fronted band.

  • Punch!
  • Music that hits you right in your face and into your eardrums, where it will punch your existing standards in music into pieces and will open a new world.


  • Strange Fingers ft. FitGirl
  • Hipóteses of Gaia
  • Dr. Frankenstein (Karavana)
  • Dr.Frankensteins greatest challenge; is there life in death or death in life? It is an Interactive freak-show where somebody is brought back to life. Will he succeed.. that is the question!!!

    La Parada performance art
    Diente Negro
    Disco screenprinting
    Annoying Circus

  • ]LAG(
  • cocktailbar
    Radio ADM / Pappilon / Leftover Radio
    DIY Polaroid Darkroom experience


    Introduction to analogue synthesizers
  • building a noisebox
  • Vegan Cheese
    FX makeup
    DIY Gynacology